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Courses with Robert Haynes, Visiting Guest Instructor

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We are excited to be hosting Robert Haynes all the way from the UK who is visiting and teach you a few of his amazing sugar flower projects.

To share his passion and desire to create sugar flowers and to teach others the skills, Robert established the Sugar Flower Studio in London, UK in 2006, he now regularly travels the world teaching classes, 1-2-1’s and demonstrating the art of sugar flowers. He is an accredited demonstrator for the British Sugar Craft Guild and a member of the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES- USA) He has recently been given the title of an Artist of excellence, being invited to represent the International team for the FIPGC. His work can be seen featured in various magazines and publications around the globe and through the numerous on-line tutorials. He is currently working on his first book and adding to his range of distinctive veiners and cutters which are sold under his Sugar Flower Studio brand. You can see more of Robert's works on his website.

Robert Haynes Masterclass

3-Day Robert Haynes Masterclass - David Austin Rose with closed bud and leaves, Northern Magnolia branch with fully opened flower, closed bud and leaves. Eucalyptus stem.

On this 3-day sugar flower class, you will learn how to advance your knowledge and experience to the next level of learning under Roberts tailored tuition. With Robert’s sugar flower experience, knowledge base and attention to detail, you’ll be amazed at how much he has to share. His passion for sugar crafting is so infectious; Robert will teach you how to cut freehand petals and foliage to give that botanically correct finished result. (transferable skills for any sugar flower or foliage). Another skill to be covered in class will be how to apply edible colours to the very delicately individually veined sugar petals, leaves and closed buds. Light coloured garments are advisable in class to minimalize lint tarnishing the paste. Please remove jewellery prior to class.

Skills taught in class:

  • How to colour Flower paste

  • How to achieve perfect, thin petals & leaves

  • Cutting foliage free hand

  • Correct use of veiners, perfect central vein always… and more…

  • How to make a wired calyx for a rose

  • How to make closed buds & fully sugar covered wired stems and bark

  • How to make lichen - moss fungus in sugar

  • How to create a spiralled centre for the rose

  • How to thicken stems also numerous tips on polishing stems

  • How to colour, fade, add depth, over dust and paint detail (water colour)

  • All about glazing, steaming

  • Using floral tape

  • Adding depth and aging leaves

  • How to make and apply micro hairs!

  • How to give movement to Foliage and petals

  • Different design of arrangements

  • Adding dew drops

Date: 20~22/9 (Friday to Sunday)

Time: 9:30am - 7:00pm

Instructor: Robert Haynes

Medium of Instruction: English

Fee: HK$9,600

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*The tuition fee includes Simply Nature & Sugar Flower Studio botanically correct silicone veiners and corresponding cutters for the class with a value over HK$2,500.

*All tools and materials to be used in the classroom are provided.

*The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

*The Magnolia Picture is of a real Northern Magnolia plant, in the Masterclass Robert and the students will be replicating this in sugar.

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