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Carlos Lischetti Masterclass - Cowboy


Carlos Lischetti




Date: 26/10 (Sat)

9:30 am - 7:00 pm


This class is designed for beginners or anyone who wants to perfect their modelling techniques. The character we'll be working on, a Cowboy, is a unique creation that has been designed to include as many modelling techniques as possible for a one-day class. The focus is on understanding how to work with sitting characters and internal support, making this a truly exciting learning opportunity.

Throughout the class, Carlos will guide you through the process of creating a sturdy structure that ensures the model doesn't break during the modelling process. We will pay special attention to capturing the facial expressions of the Cowboy and learn practical techniques for designing a lightweight head, especially for characters with big heads, such as Disney characters. In addition, we will create the Cowboy's iconic West Side costume, including a hat, vest, gun, and sheriff badge. Carlos will demonstrate techniques for bringing these elements to life and incorporating them seamlessly into the model, empowering you to apply these skills in your own projects.

📌 The tuition fee includes Certificate and all materials.

​📌 All tools to be used in the classroom are provided.

​📌 The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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