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There is nothing better than giving edible art!

Carlos Lischetti Masterclass - Hugo


Carlos Lischetti




21/10 (Saturday)

9:30am - 7:00pm


This class is designed for beginners or anyone who wants to perfect their modelling techniques. This character has been designed to include as many modelling techniques as possible for a one-day class and mainly to understand how Carlos works with standing characters and how to use internal support.Carlos has also focused on how to get a sturdy one-piece structure to achieve maximum strength and avoid breakages during the modelling process. We will also pay attention to his facial expression and how to achieve a lightweight head, especially for characters with big heads, such as Disney characters. Finally, we will complete the scene with flowers and a little ladybug or any other object that students may want to add if time allows.

*The tuition fee includes Certificate and all materials.

*All tools to be used in the classroom are provided.

*The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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