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Dancing Owl - A Certified PME 5 Star Sugar Artist Course (0224)


Shirley Kwan




24~25/2 (Sat to Sun)

10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Bust out a tuxedo, cane and top hat for tap dance, the glamorous 1930s Hollywood style. This two-day workshop will teach you how to create this gravity-defying Dancing Owl cake and a vintage velvet armchair. Have fun learning the step-by-step method of constructing the main elevating structure, cake carving and covering the 3D cake with fondant. The head and body of the owl are a real cake!

📌 All materials and tools are provided for you during class.​​

📌 This is also a certified course and part of the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme subject to separate subscription if you wish to register the programme. A registration fee of HK$3,500 is required for students who register the PME Five-Star Sugar Artist Programme for the first time. Please read our webpage ( for details of the programme.

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