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Jack's Adventure - A Certified PME 5 Star Sugar Artist Course


Shirley Kwan




13/7, 20/7, 27/7 (Sat)

10:00 am - 6:30 pm


Join Jack's Adventure, an advanced sugar modelling class, and craft a captivating cake featuring Wizard Jack on a colossal frog. Learn to craft a lifelike figure of Jack, his travel duffle, mat, and stick while riding the majestic amphibian. Embark on a magical story as Jack explores mystical realms, encountering mythical creatures and forging friendships. Shirley will guide you in moulding intricate details, shaping the frog, and adding enchanting decorations. Unleash your creativity in this immersive class, where you'll bring to life an edible masterpiece that embodies the spirit of adventure and the wonders of magic. Let your imagination soar in this extraordinary sugar modelling experience! We will use a styrofoam dummy cake in the class so you can keep the creation for future reference.

📌 All materials and tools are provided for you during class.​​

📌 This is also a certified course and part of the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme subject to separate subscription if you wish to register the programme. A registration fee of HK$3,500 is required for students who register the PME Five-Star Sugar Artist Programme for the first time. Please read our webpage ( for details of the programme.

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