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JSA Latte Art Instructor Certificate Course (0615)


Agnes Tang (JSA Instructor)




15/6 + 22/6 (Sat)

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

HK$9,225 (with coffee machine) /
HK$7,935 (without coffee machine)

This course is designed to teach the 'Etching・Latte Art' (Etching technique) in coffee art. Within a minimum of 1 day (7 hours), you can learn over 40 techniques from basic to advanced, including JSA's expertise in high artistic design.

Compared to the 'Free Pour (Latte Art)' technique, which involves creating patterns by moving the milk pitcher and utilizing milk circulation during milk pouring, the 'Etching' technique is easy for beginners to learn. It allows you to create three-dimensional, colourful, and highly artistic designs.

This beverage-focused course by JSA was developed in collaboration with Nestle. The course utilizes the 'Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine', allowing you to easily enjoy authentic coffee at home. The course aims to provide an easy and accessible learning experience.

In the 'Latte Art Instructor Certification Course,' you will learn the basics and applications of 'Etching・Latte Art' (techniques for creating patterns using frothed milk), Cream Art, and 3D coffee art. Even beginners in coffee art can enjoy and quickly learn these techniques and obtain the coffee latte art instructor qualification in as short as one day.

⛾ Lesson 1: 'Etching Technique (Basic) - Kitten & Daisy' (45 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of 'Etching・Latte Art', including machine usage, tool handling, milk pouring techniques, milk foam base preparation, and drawing techniques using a coffee art needle. *This course replaced Matcha milk foam with chocolate milk foam.

⛾ Lesson 2: 'Etching Technique (Advanced) - Bunny Hug' (60 minutes)

This lesson covers balanced illustration techniques, contour drawing methods, delicate and realistic line drawing techniques, lettering techniques, milk foam colouring methods, and pattern colouring techniques.

⛾ Lesson 3: 'Cream Art (Basic) - Plant Totems and Text Messages' (90 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn the production of whipped cream suitable for Cream Art, techniques for pouring milk foam, whipped cream canvas preparation, tool usage, whipped cream colouring methods, flower and leaf drawing techniques, and lettering techniques.

⛾ Lesson 4: 'Cream Art (Advanced) - 3D Rose Vienna Coffee' (45 minutes)

This lesson covers gradient whipped cream canvas preparation, whipped cream production suitable for piping, colouring methods, rose and leaf piping techniques, and rose arrangement methods.

⛾ Lesson 5: '3D Iced Coffee Art (Basic) - Unicorn' (60 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn milk foam preparation for 3D coffee art, colouring methods, three-dimensional milk foam placement techniques, techniques for creating intricate shapes with milk foam, and drawing techniques.

⛾ Lesson 6: '3D Hot Coffee Art (Advanced) - Puppy' (60 minutes)

This lesson covers large-scale 3D coffee art production, two-dimensional shaping techniques, and techniques for creating a transparent effect.

⛾ Lesson 7: 'Graduation Project' (60 minutes)

In this lesson, you will apply the techniques learned in the previous six lessons to create an original 3D coffee art piece. (Designs protected by copyright may not be used.)

💥 This work is a final project exam, so specific regulations will be in place. The course will include exams which, upon passing, will enable graduates to become instructors immediately after graduation, including certificate courses.

💥 It is important to note that completing the course only automatically qualifies one as an instructor. Only by passing the exam can individuals gain confidence and continue actively engaging in this field as instructors.

Please note:

📌 Participants must attend the seven lessons sequentially, starting from Lesson 1.

📌 Once the course begins, no refunds will be issued for any reason. Please carefully consider this before enrolling. (If you need to change the course dates due to unavoidable circumstances, please consult with us.)

📌 The machine and tools included in the kit may have variations in style or colour depending on the manufacturer's inventory.

📌 Upon completion of Lesson 7, we will assist you in registering for your lecturer certification with the JSA. New members are required to pay an annual membership fee of $300, and the membership fee for the first year will be prorated based on the month of joining. Current JSA members do not need to pay any additional fees.

-📌 Once the certification process is completed, the instructor certificate from the Japan Salonaise Association will be mailed within approximately four weeks.

📌 As an instructor, you will receive a gift, including three teaching handouts and an instructor manual for self-teaching (free of charge).

Course Duration: 2 days (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

Course Fee: HK$9,225 (with coffee machine) / HK$7,935 (without coffee machine) including

>> Tuition Fee: HK$3,800

>> Ingredients, Tools & Coursebook: HK3,925 (with Nescafe Dolce Gusto) / HK2,635 (without Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

>> Certification Fee: HK$1,500 (Certificate, recipe for your own class x 3)

Annual Membership Fee: HK$300.00 (pro-rata charges for the first year, no additional fee is required for current JSA members)

📌 The coursebooks are available in Chinese only.

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