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There is nothing better than giving edible art!

Junichi Mitsubori | 6-Day Systematic Course in Nerikiri Wagashi - Elementary Level


Junichi Mitsubori




19~24/9 (Thursday to Sunday)

9:30am - 6:00pm


Mitsubori sensei will teach you his unique Ichika Style techniques, a perfect blend of traditional Japanese tools and Mitsubori's original skills in this comprehensive Wagashi course. During this 6-day course, Mitsubori sensei will examine fundamental techniques and theories of practice, ensuring mastery of traditional tools and techniques. It will lay the groundwork for achieving more precise and perfect wagashi styling. A solid foundation is crucial for success in Nerikiri Wagashi's craftsmanship.

Day 1

💥 Learn about Wagashi and Nerikiri

💥 Introduction・Selection and cooking of beans・The importance of stuffing

💥 Making of Nerikiri dough・Making of traditional red bean filling・2 flavors of filling

💥 Sweetness adjustment: Correct sugar reduction/sugar substitution ratio

💥 Notes on the moisture content and sugar content of the Nerikiri dough, the best consumption periods and the storage method

💥 Simple method of making Nerikiri dough (suitable for experienced class preparation and home production)

Day 2

💥 2 basic dyeing methods

💥 Kneading and stuffing techniques

💥 Tools Introduction ① (Triangular Bar etc.)2 basic stylings

💥 Color selection and colour-matching skills for Wagashi making

💥 Contingencies and solutions to various problems

💥 Precautions for packaging, storage and selling of Wagashi

Day 3

💥 Tools introduction ② (Horse Hair Sieve, etc.)

💥 Different traditional techniques corresponding to each tool

💥 Grate cutting chrysanthemum technique (Japanese Wagashi Skilled Craftsmen Examination Level Two Techniques)

💥 5 basic stylingSpoon shape technique

💥 Wagashi composition aesthetics guide

Day 4

💥 Tools introduction ③ ("Single Character" Spatula, Round Push Tool, etc.)

💥 Different traditional techniques corresponding to each tool

💥 5 basic stylings

💥 Tips for pressing flower centre

Day 5

💥 Tools introduction ④ (Silk Cloth, Curved Blade Spatula, etc.)

💥 Different traditional techniques corresponding to each tool

💥 5 basic stylings

💥 Lights and shades aesthetics of Wagashi

Day 6

💥 Tools introduction ⑤ (Thousand Ribs Board, etc.)

💥 Different traditional techniques corresponding to each tool

💥 5 basic stylings

💥 The depiction of three-dimensional lines

💥 Issuance of course completion certificate・Group photos

* Junichi Mitsubori sensei will have two masterclasses in Hong Kong this time. If you register for two classes in a row, the discounted tuition fee is HK$23,000.

*The tuition fee includes Certificate and all materials.

*The required tools will be provided to use during the class.

*The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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