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Junichi Mitsubori | Kado Ichika Advanced Nerikiri Wagashi Course


Junichi Mitsubori




21~22/3 (Thu to Fri)

9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Course Highlights:

🎯 Building upon the familiarity and understanding of traditional scissor-cutting techniques and Junichi Mitsubori's original needle-cutting technique at the introductory level, this course takes you to a higher level of technical proficiency. You will master the authentic scissor-cutting techniques of Japanese Wagashi artisans and explore the diverse needle-cutting techniques of the Mitsubori style, achieving skill advancement and breakthroughs in technique.

🎯 You will learn the production process and techniques for creating large-sized Wagashi.

Learning Outcomes:

💥 Master advanced scissors and needle-cutting techniques

💥 Advanced colour blending and multi-colour assembly techniques

💥 Dynamic shaping techniques for leaf patterns (single leaf, double leaf, triple leaf)

💥 Derivative techniques for creating 3-sided chrysanthemum patterns

📌 "Advanced Nerikiri Wagashi Course" is also the second part of the Kado Ichika Nerikiri Wagashi Systemic Course - Advanced Level. It continues from the advanced course taught by Junichi Mitsubori in April 2023, completing the content of both parts. Participants can take the proficiency exam hosted by Junichi Mitsubori to obtain the professional Nerikiri Wagashi Instructor qualification.

📌 The content of the Kado Ichika Nerikiri Wagashi Systemic Course - Advanced Level is taught cyclically. Upon completing this course, participants can join Junichi Mitsubori's next advanced course to qualify for the exam.

📌 Prior experience in making Nerikiri Wagashi is required to enrol on the advanced class.

📌 The tuition fee includes a Certificate and all materials.

📌 The required tools will be provided to use during the class.

📌 The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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