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Junichi Mitsubori | Kado Ichika Nagashi Course


Junichi Mitsubori




25~26/3 (Mon to Tue)

9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Nagshi refers to Japanese confectionery with a flowing or liquid-like consistency. It is known for its refreshing and visually appealing qualities, making it suitable for spring and summer.

Course Highlights:

🎯 The basic knowledge and proper usage of plant-based gelling agent agar, an introduction to common types of Nagashi, hands-on production techniques, and artisan-level skills to prevent layering during production (mastering the crucial pouring timing).

🎯 Acquiring recipes for Nagashi with various flavours, shapes, and creative concepts by combining traditional Wagashi ingredients with agar to create unique and artisanal Nagashi creations.

Learning Outcomes:

Day 1

💥 Basic knowledge and proper usage of Sakura agar, a series of essential knowledge.

💥 Various flavours corresponding to multiple colour combinations.

💥 Unlocking the colour and taste pairing technique for the visually appealing Kingyokukan as a critical player in Nagashi.

💥 Learning to utilize the colours and flavours of ingredients effectively.

💥 "Dawn" - black tea lemon Kingyokukan: A fruit-based ingredient that challenges the maker's temperature control when combining agar and acidic substances. It offers a refreshing and non-overwhelming taste.

💥 "Sunrise" - Yokan + Kingyokukan + Ukishima combination: Using steamed Yōkan as the primary base, creating Nagashi with multiple elements that showcase artistic or natural themes.

Day 2

💥 In-depth exploration of the making methods for different flavours of Yokan (Purple Sweet Potato Yokan, Sesame Yokan, Coconut Condensed Milk Yokan, Orange Yokan, Red Wine Yokan, Matcha Yokan, Raspberry Yokan).

💥 Learning the processing techniques for Yokan with different acidic and alkaline ingredients to achieve high-quality results.

💥 Summarizing and understanding the common principles to apply in future personal creative developments.

📌 The tuition fee includes a Certificate and all materials.

📌 The required tools will be provided to use during the class.

📌 The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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