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Little Mermaid Meringue Cookies (0721)


Agnes Tang




21/7 (Sun)

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Deco Meringue is a trendy treat that has gained popularity in recent years. It is made simply by beating egg whites and sugar together. With the right techniques, you can create various cute and creative meringue designs. Whether it's a snack for kids or an elegant treat to pair with coffee or tea, it's a perfect choice!

This class will teach you how to make adorable meringue cookies in the shape of the Little Mermaid, Flounder, and a clamshell. During the class, you will learn how to make stable meringue, colour the icing, create different shapes by squeezing the icing, and draw facial expressions. Agnes, our instructor, will share tips and tricks for preparing ingredients, making stable meringue, the equipment needed to bake meringue, and common mistakes to avoid. She will also teach you how to store and package your finished meringue cookies. As meringue cookies need to be baked at a low temperature for a long time, you can collect your finished pieces from the classroom later or have them sent to you at your cost by SF Express.

📌 All materials and tools are provided for you during class.​

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