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Patricia Santoro Masterclass 1 - Alice


Patricia Santoro




16~17/5 (Thu to Fri)

9:30 am - 7:00 pm


What will students learn?

This is an intermediate-level course for character modelling. In this course, we will learn how to create a whimsical fantasy character and model long and thin arms and legs using wire support. We will also learn to model the head, proportions, facial expressions, and make shoes and clothing for the character. Additionally, we will learn how to create a stuffed rabbit toy.

Day 1

We will cover a dummy with modelling paste to create the texture for the base. Then, we will focus on modelling the head, ensuring that the proportions and facial features are correct. We will also give the character a unique expression and personality. Additionally, we will model the body and extremities, create shoes, and make a stuffed rabbit. Finally, we will let all the pieces dry until they are firm.

Day 2

We will craft the doll's hairstyle and assemble the body and limbs. Then we will paint it, make undergarments, a dress, and an apron, and add finishing touches.

📌 The tuition fee includes certificates and all materials.

📌 All tools and materials to be used in the classroom are provided.

📌 The end time is a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

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