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PME Diploma Course - Royal Icing & Piping Module (1001)


Shirley Kwan (PME Tutor)




1~4/10 (Tue to Fri)

10:00 am - 5:30 pm


✅ Learn how to use different nozzles for icing cakes, including piping flowers, leaves, 3D chapel and icing cookies

✅ Over-piping, Pressure-piping, String work, etc.

✅ Brush Embroidery Techniques

✅ Piping Techniques (Rose, Blossom, etc.)

✅ Runout Motifs, Panels and Collars

✅ Making of soft Royal Icing

✅ Skills in coating cake with Royal Icing

✅ You will be working on one multi-tiered dummy cake and five icing cookies that you will take home upon completion of the course

📌 The tuition fee includes Course Book, Diploma Certificate, and all materials.

📌 We will provide you with all the tools you will need to use during the lesson, and no need to bring your own to the class every time.

📌 All students will receive a course kit with most of the tools upon completion.

📌 This course has been carefully designed for beginners and all levels.

You can find more information on our PME Diploma Course web page:

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