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Robert Haynes 3-Day Masterclass 2 - Flame Gloriosa Lily & others


Robert Haynes




1~3/7 (Mon to Wed)

9:30 am - 7:30 pm


Robert has curated a 3-day sugar flower course that includes crafting Flame Gloriosa Lily, Nigella Flower (Love in the Mist) and Frangipani - Plumeria. The course aims to enhance the knowledge and experience of sugar flower crafting. Robert will generously share and teach the techniques to the students, leveraging his expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail. His passion for sugar flower crafting is evident, and the class will cover how to cut petals and leaves to achieve lifelike results. These techniques can be applied to any sugar flower or leaf.

Additionally, the class will explore various techniques for using edible colouring and applying it to intricately textured petals, leaves, and unopened buds. Robert advises wearing light-coloured clothing during the class to minimize the risk of lint or fibres staining the sugar paste. He also recommends removing jewellery before the class begins.

Skills taught in class:

🔸 How to colour Flower paste

🔸 How to achieve perfect, thin petals & leaves

🔸 Cut petals and foliage to give botanically correct finished

🔸 Correct use of veiners, perfect central vein always… and more…

🔸 How to make closed buds & fully sugar-covered wired stems and bark

🔸 How to thicken stems also numerous tips on polishing stems

🔸 How to colour, fade, add depth, over dust and paint detail (watercolour)

🔸 All about glazing, steaming

🔸 Using floral tape

🔸 Adding depth and ageing leaves

🔸 How to give movement to foliage and petals

🔸 Different designs of arrangements

🔸 Adding dew drops

📌 The tuition fee includes Simply Nature & Sugar Flower Studio botanically correct silicone veiners and corresponding cutters for the class, valued at over HK$1,500.

📌 All tools and materials to be used in the classroom are provided.

📌 The end time is just a rough estimate and will vary depending on actual progress.

📌 The Flame Gloriosa Lily and Nigella Flower pictures are of a real plant; in the Masterclass, Robert and the students will replicate these in sugar.

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