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Rolled Fondant Dessert Table - A Certified PME 5 Star Sugar Artist Course


Peggy Wong




23/2 (Fri) - Training Workshop
1/3 & 8/3 (Fri) - Final Project Workshop

10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Sweeten your party! Besides the host, the start of many celebration receptions is the desserts. The dessert table, or a candy corner, has become very popular in recent years. A table with a stunning multi-tiered cake and an assortment of sweet treats will excite your guests and create an aesthetic Instagramable spot for the event.

Our PME Five-Star Sugar Artist - Rolled Fondant Dessert Table Course is divided into two parts: a training workshop and a final project workshop. During the one-day training and consulting session, we will use the theme of Ladies' Night as an example to teach you several practical skills, including bas-relief sculpture, smocking pattern and quilling with fondant, and 3D wafer paper metallic waves. Our tutor will guide you in planning and designing the project according to your desired theme. The final project workshop is a two-day session where students make and decorate dessert tables based on their designs. The tutor will work alongside the students and guide them whenever needed. The course requires students to set up a dessert table with a multi-tiered cake consisting of at least three tiers and three other decorated desserts, such as cupcakes, macarons, mini cakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolates, etc. The course aims to develop practical and creative skills in arranging a dessert table.

📌 The tuition fee includes materials for the hands-on training workshop only, and the materials for the final dessert table works are not inclusive.

📌 We have hundreds of moulds and tools available in our school, and students can bring their decorative fondant moulds and materials to create their dessert table or borrow our moulds and tools to decorate their works.​

📌 It is also a certified course and part of the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme, subject to a separate subscription if you wish to register for the programme. A registration fee of HK$3,500 is required for students who register for the PME Five-Star Sugar Artist Programme for the first time. You can read our webpage ( for the details of the programme.

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