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There is nothing better than giving edible art!

Blossom Cakes Course Picture

Sweet Pea, Anemone and Eucalyptus - Cold Porcelain Flowers Class


Peggy Wong




15/7 (Saturday)

10:00am - 6:30pm


Cold Porcelain Paste is a non-toxic and eco-friendly medium with a soft and elastic texture. It can be shaped into ultra-thin and translucent petals and leaves, suitable for making life-like flowers. Cold Porcelain dries with air. After drying, the texture is firm and resistant to impact.

In this workshop, you'll learn to create life-like Sweet Pea, Anemone and Eucalyptus Leaves with Cold Porcelain. It is perfect for decorating wedding cakes, hand bouquets, or making potted plants. Starting from the basics to advanced levels are covered in the course. You will learn various methods to insert floral wires in petals and leaves and correctly use silicone veiner and tools to create delicate petals and leaves. And how to use gradient colouring to create colour blends and add light and shade to the flower.

*All materials and tools are provided for you during class.​

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