The Ultimate Educational Challenge

PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme

We are pleased to present the revolutionary new and recognition programme in the sugar art industry which is designed for those cake decorators that are looking for the ultimate educational challenge. To develop, refine and enhance existing skills where creativity and design are the ultimate goals.

The PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme is a competition level course only for students who have attained a PME Professional Diploma Masters Certification. The five stars are the 5 awards you can achieve. Each star represents a different sugar artist skill that is truly a sign of a Five Star Sugar Artist. From Royal Icing to Sugar Flowers, students will be tested like never before in the industry. When you receive your first star, you will receive a Medal that has been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by the designers appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of England. Every time you achieve another star you are able to wear the extra star on your medal. When you achieve your fifth star you will receive the Final Certificate and be able to call yourself a "PME Five Star Sugar Artist", the most honourable award. You will be able to wear your medal with 5 stars very proudly on you chefs jacket.

​The Five Star experience is a road of development and discovery that is full of surprises. The journey of a true Cake Artist is never easy but the rewards can be truly amazing especially when you have made everything yourself from start to finish and can stand back and say 'I Made that'.

5 star artists.jpg

Our tutors Peggy Wong and Shirley Kwan are the very first ‘Honorary PME Five Star Sugar Artists’ and the first approved teachers for the new course ‘Five Star Sugar Artist'. They will guide you step-by-step to get into the elite group of PME Five Star Sugar Artists.

Basic Criteria

  • This course is designed for those students that have already completed their PME Masters Certificate

  • The PME Professional Diploma is the only qualifying entry into the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme

  • Taught only by PME Approved Teachers at PME Approved Locations

  • All classes must be taught under the guidance of the approved teachers, Peggy Wong and Shirley Kwan

The Five Stars

​Denote the five sugar craft skills that showcase the work of a true Sugar Artist and can be completed in any order:

  • Rolled Fondant Dessert Table

  • Royal Icing and Piping

  • Sugar Flowers

  • Modelling

  • Sculpted Cakes


Those PME graduates who want to register the Five Star Sugar Artist programme will have to provide via email to a personal photograph (high resolution image preferred) and a brief description of themselves. This information will be forwarded to the PME in London, all or some of this information will be used to authenticate the student’s progress on the PME School website. The text provided by the student should be in English. The total cost of registration, inclusive of the course manual, medal, certificate and inclusion on the PME School website is HK$3,500.00 per student.

Once enrolled, the student will receive a course manual and the challenge to reach for the Stars really begins!

Authentication of Students Work

​The photograph of the final piece of each course will be sent by Blossom Cakes to the PME headquarters in the UK once the first star have been completed, or to reach each individual star. The photo will be published on the PME School website to demonstrate the student's progress. On completion of the first star the student is presented with their PME Five Star Sugar Artist Medal and One Star. Additional stars are presented as they are completed and approved by the PME teacher. The PME Five Star Sugar Artist Certificate will be signed by PME England and is only presented when all Five Stars have been completed.

The students record of Achievement and the stars obtained will be reported to the PME in England according to the course manual supplied to the student during the registration to the programme. It will be the student's responsibility to keep track of them and to make sure that the teacher has certified everything according to the project criteria in the course manual.

Five Star Sugar Artist Course - Sugar Flowers

Botanic Flowers 5 Star Course.png

Botanic Flowers

The beauty, colour and style that sugar flowers can bring to special celebration can be absolutely stunning! In this course, you'll learn to create life-like Peony, Dahlia and Sunflower with gum paste. You will also learn the correct use of silicone veiner and tools to create very delicate petals and leaves. And how to use gradient colouring to create colour blends and add light and shade to the flower.


Date: 30/11, 1/12, 2/12 (Monday to Wednesday)

Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Instructor: Peggy Wong

Fee: HK$3,700

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*All materials and tools are provided for you to use during the class.​

*This is a certified course and part of the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme.  A registration fee of HK$3,500 is required for students who register the PME Five-Star Sugar Artist Programme for the first time.

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