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Peggy is the founder of Blossom Cakes, an expert tutor, professional cake designer, and author of Desserts for the Beginners, Bake a Gift and Gift-in-return, and Fantastic Royal Icing Cookies. Growing up in the back of her family's food company, she has always been obsessed with cake decorating and baking. Peggy has over 20 years of teaching experience, from Japanese Cut Ribbon Flowers and bakery to cake decorating & designs. Despite practical training through apprenticeship and learning from industry masters, she received formal baking training at Haking Wong Technical Institute of Hong Kong.

Peggy is a floral artist and received her formal Graphic Design training from the First Institute of Art and Design of Hong Kong. After that, she completed several Advanced Professional Instructor Certificates, including Japanese Cut Ribbon Flower, Gift Wrapping Art, Wax Flower Making, Creative Ribbon Bonsai, Chinese Knotting and Sogetsu Ikebana of Japan. She moved into cake decorating in 2003 and is passionate about bringing her love for flowers to as many students as possible. Peggy has served as a judge in numerous international cake competitions. In 2017, she led the Hong Kong team to participate in the Cake Designers World Championship FIPGC in Milan, Italy, while serving as a competition judge. Peggy is an accredited tutor for the PME Professional Diploma Course and was awarded Honorary Five Star Sugar Artist Medal in 2019. She is also an accredited instructor of the JSA certificate course and Squires Kitchen certificate course.

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Rolled Fondant Dessert Table

Date: 13/11 (Sunday) - Training Workshop
          19~20/11 (Saturday to Sunday) - Final Project Workshop
Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong
Fee: HK$3,900

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Sweeten your party! Besides the host, the starts of many celebration receptions are the desserts. The dessert table, or a candy corner, has become very popular recently. A table with a stunning multi-tiered cake and an assortment of sweet treats will excite your guests and create an aesthetic Instagramable spot for the event.


Our PME Five-Star Sugar Artist - Rolled Fondant Dessert Table Course consists of a training workshop and a final project workshop (a tutor work alongside you on your project). The training workshop is a one-day training and consulting session. We will use the theme of Ladies' Night as an example and teach several practical skills, including bas relief sculpture, smocking pattern and quilling with fondant, and 3D wafer paper metallic waves. Our tutor will guide you in planning and designing the project to your desired theme. The final project workshop is a two-day session. The students will make and decorate dessert tables according to their designs. The tutor will work alongside and guide the students whenever needed. The course requires students to setup up a dessert table. Still, it must include a multi-tiered cake with a minimum of three tiers and at least three other decorated desserts, including cupcakes, macarons, mini cakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolates etc. A course aims to develop practical and creative skills in arranging a dessert table!

*The tuition fee includes materials for the hands-on training workshop only, and the materials for the final dessert table works are not inclusive.
*We have hundreds of moulds and tools available in our school, and students can bring their decorative fondant moulds and materials to create their dessert table or borrow our moulds and tools to decorate their works.​

*It is also a certified course part of the PME Five Star Sugar Artist programme.  A registration fee of HK$3,500 is required for students who register for the PME Five-Star Sugar Artist Programme for the first time. Please read PME Five Star Sugar Artist page for more details.

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Wafer Paper Flowers Certificate Course by Peggy Wong

(Single Lessons Available)


Date: 19/11, 20/11, 3/12, 4/12 (Sat/Sun)
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong
Fee: HK$4,800

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Wafer paper is a sheet of edible paper typically starch-based. It is perfect for cake decorating and can be manipulated into beautiful florals and used for contemporary cake designs. Wafer paper flowers need no drying time, are lightweight and less breakable than traditional gum paste flowers, so you can place them on the cake without any risk of it damaging your cake.

This 4-day certificate course will teach you the most practical wafer paper flowers, perfect for decorating wedding cakes, hand bouquets, or making potted plants. Starting from the basics to advanced levels are covered in the course. You will learn the techniques of conditioning wafer paper sheets with alcohol and water steam, cutting techniques, various methods to insert floral wires in petals and leaves, and using silicone veiner and minimal tools to create delicate petals and leaves. And how to use gradient colouring to create colour blends and add light and shade to the flower.

19/11 (Sat) - Lesson 1 - Scabiosa, Carnation and Lisianthus
20/11 (Sun) - Lesson 2 - Peony and leaves
3/12 (Sat) - Lesson 3 - Rose and Jasmine
4/12 (Sun) - Lesson 4 - Ranunculus and Clematis

*The course is four days, and the tuition fee is HK$5,200. You can also register for each lesson separately, with tuition fees ranging from HK$1,100 to HK$1,500 per lesson.
* If you signed up for the 4-day course, you are entitled to receive a Blossom Cakes certificate.
*Certificate fee is HK$100 (Optional)
*All materials and tools are provided for you to use during the class.​

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Gingerbread House


Date: 10/12 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong
Fee: HK$1,180

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Date: 23/12 (Friday)
Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong
Fee: HK$1,180

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Creating a gingerbread house is a fun, festive activity for Christmas! In this Gingerbread House decorating workshop, we will focus on the Royal Icing decorations and will not bake the gingerbread cookies during the class. We will provide you with pre-baked gingerbread house panels and Christmas tree shape cookies. Peggy will guide you step-by-step to decorate each facade using different piping techniques and build a 3D snowflake ornament. We will assemble all parts of the house to create a beautiful festive display - perfect for a Christmas centrepiece.

*All materials and tools are provided for you to use during the class.​

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Squires Kitchen International School Certificate Course - Sugar Flowers


Date: 17/12, 24/12, 31/12 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong (SK Accredited Tutor)
Fee: HK$5,200

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Date: 2~4/1/2023 (Monday to Wednesday)
Time: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong (SK Accredited Tutor)
Fee: HK$5,200

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  • Learn how to make sugar Iris, Parrot Tulip, Hydrangea, Gardenia, Eryngium (Sea Holly), Cactus, Berries, and Foliage

  • A range of sugar flower making techniques, from unwired flowers to stunning wired flowers and leaves

  • Flower colouring techniques

  • Arranging sugar flowers

*The tuition fee includes Course Notes, Certificate, and all materials.
*We will provide you with all the tools you will need to use during the lesson, and no need to bring your own to the class.
*The course includes an HK$800 cash voucher for purchasing Squires Kitchen products.
*This course has been carefully designed for beginners and all levels.

Introduction to Squires Kitchen International School Certificate Course:

  • The course is divided into four completely separate modules, Sugar Flowers, Royal Icing, Sugarpaste, and Modelling.

  • At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate recognising you have completed the key skills to a required standard.

  • It is not essential to begin the certificate course with which module first or complete all three modules in a row unless you wish to be awarded the Master Certificate.

  • The Master Certificate will only be awarded once all four modules have been completed.

Peggy's Projects

Private Class Option

Perhaps the classes don't fit your schedule. Or maybe you want to learn something specific. Private classes are an excellent option. The advantage of this option is intensive or partial days and flexible hours. We can even help to suggest a project if you only have some ideas in your mind. With more one-on-one time with the instructor, work is done faster and you can cover more topics in more detail. Our team has extensive experience teaching students at various skill levels. To obtain a quote for a private class, please email us at