Meet Our Team

Hello, and welcome to Blossom Cakes. We have a wide range of cake decorating courses to fit your needs. Our highly-qualified teachers have many years of field experience prior to student teaching. Moreover, they are bilingual of English and Chinese languages to fit your needs.

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Peggy Wong

Founder of Blossom Cakes, expert tutor, professional cake designer, and author of Desserts for the Beginners, Bake a Gift and Gift-in-return, and Fantastic Royal Icing Cookies, Peggy has over 20 years of teaching experiences from Japanese Cut Ribbon Flowers, bakery, to cake decorating & designs. Having grown up in the back of her family’s food company, she has always been obsessed with cake decorating and baking. Despite practical training through apprenticeship and learned from industry masters, she received formal baking training in Haking Wong Technical Institute of Hong Kong.

Peggy is a floral artist and she received her formal Graphic Design training from First Institute of Art and Design of Hong Kong. After that, she has completed several Advanced Professional Instructor Certificates including Japanese Cut Ribbon Flower, Gift Wrapping Art, Wax Flower Making, Creative Ribbon Bonsai, Chinese Knotting and Sogetsu Ikebana of Japan. She has moved into cake decorating in 2003 and is passionate about bringing her love for flowers to as many students as possible. Peggy has served as a judge in numerous international cake competitions. In 2017, she has led the Hong Kong team to participate in the Cake Designers World Championship FIPGC in Milan Italy while serving as a judge of the competition. Peggy is an accredited tutor for the PME Professional Diploma Course and is awarded Honorary Five Star Sugar Artist Medal in 2019.

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Shirley Kwan

After years of administration and management job straight out of college, Shirley began to rethink her career choice and donned her chef jacket to begin her cake-designing journey. She firstly earned a Professional Certificate in Baker and Pastry Cook Training from the Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong with the Best Performance Award. Having a background in bakery techniques, she started learning cake making and decoration as a hobby which is now her passion. Shirley has completed several professional certificate courses in Royal Icing and Sugar Flower in the UK and an Advanced Clay Art course In Taiwan.


Shirley has won a Bronze Prize of Professional Wedding Cake competition in HOFEX 2013, a Gold Award of "Class C: A Floral Arrangement" in ExCel London 2015 and a Silver Award of "Class N: Small Decorative Exhibit" in Cake International Birmingham 2017. She teaches cake decorating and clay art and is an accredited tutor for the PME Professional Diploma Course and is awarded Honorary Five Star Sugar Artist Medal in 2019.


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Learn from the Masters

Our famed cake masters come from all over the world, possess an extraordinary talent in their field. Some are already household names, having published books, taught internationally and established a worldwide following. They have come together to share skills in our school on a regular basis.


We offer a wide array of classes in cake decorating, cake design and nerikiri wagashi making. Students are exposed to a much wider range of decorating techniques. Rolled fondant, sugar flowers, modelling, cake painting, 3D sculpting, advanced airbrushing and tiered cake assembly are also be covered.