PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme
PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme

The Ultimate Educational Challenge

Petya Shmarova Masterclass
Petya Shmarova Masterclass

Guest Instructor Petya Shmarova's Workshops

Junichi Mitsubori Masterclass
Junichi Mitsubori Masterclass

Guest Instructor Junichi Mitsubori's Workshops

PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme
PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme

The Ultimate Educational Challenge


than giving edible art!

There is nothing better

Precautionary measures against Coronavirus Notice

In response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and instructors, as from 01/02/2020, all instructors will be wearing masks during lessons, and hereby all students are required to mask up as well. We will continue to stay alert to the Coronavirus live updates. The safety and well-being of our students and instructors will always be our first priorities. We seek for your understanding and wish you good health and happiness.


PME Five Star Sugar Artists Medal

We are excited to announce that our teachers, Peggy and Shirley are awarded ‘Honorary PME Five Star Sugar Artists’ medals and the first approved PME teachers for the new course ‘Five Star Sugar Artist'. This new course is designed for those students that have already completed their PME Masters Certificate. This course is designed for cake decorators that are looking for the ultimate challenge – to develop, refine and enhance existing skills. 

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Testament to the quality of our courses

We are proud to be listed on the PME Wall of Honour having received their 'PME Professional Diploma International Award of Excellence 2013 and 2017' and their award for 'PME Professional Diploma International Highest Number of Students 2015'. This result is a testament to the quality and popularity of our courses.

FIPGC Cake Designers World Championship 2019 - Hong Kong, Macao Pre-Selection Competition

This year, we are excited to co-host the FIPGC Cake Designers World Championship - Hong Kong, Macao Pre-Selection Competition. The competition was held on July 6, 2018 at Hong Kong Bakery Carnival and we were successfully selected two winners to participate in the forthcoming competition 2019 in Milan Italy. We would like to take the opportunity to wish them every success in this world championship competition.

FIPGC Cake Designers World Championship.

"NERIKIRI - an edible art"

"I am very dedicated to what I do. If I love something, I will practice all the time and sometimes forgetting nights and meals. No one can stop me... The teacher can only open the door for you. If you want to be diligent, you need to keep yourself moving." Our teacher Rita Wong was featured in 2610 "MP Weekly" interview.

"Today's Baking" Magazine's Interview

"Cake decorating is a kind of handicraft, learning and practice is a way to acquire the skills that belongs to you!" Our teacher Peggy Wong was featured in "Today's Baking" July 2017, a magazine of Hong Kong Bakery and Confectionery Association.

Internationally Recognised...

PME Professional Diploma Course is designed specifically for anyone anticipating selling cakes either to family & friends or as a commercial business. A combination of basic techniques and creative styling, combined with a professional business approach. Learn and understand the tricks of the trade, pricing guidelines, business essentials & requirements.

Our Online Shop is now up and running!

We are excited to announce that our Online shop,, is now live. We have carefully selected the best products available to make your decision as easy as possible and ensure you'll always get the best value of your money. Need cake decorations and cake accessories? Shop online now and free local delivery over $1,200!

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